The OLIVIE_ natural beauty offers you a unique experience of nature and science, thanks to its new range of cosmetic skin care and beauty products, based on the Greek olive oil.

The OLIVIE_ natural beauty combines the knowledge of its unique cosmetic, healing and refreshing effects with the respect for the natural “eternal legend” which embodies the timeless “liquid gold”, as Homer called it.

OLIVIE_ natural beauty  products conform in full with the complete range of principles and regulations governing the European Law.

" ...while walking into the woods, a prehistoric woman accidentally stepped on and crushed the fruit of a wild olive tree, that had fallen down to the ground. She observed that the oil produced from the olives, splashed and softened the rough skin of her foot..."

During the ancient rituals, the olive tree was a tree with great symbolism, represented "the tree of goodness". The oil, that is burned in the lamp, transforms the olive tree into a primitive light source. According to the Old Testament, it becomes a message of hope, while a dove proclaims the end of the flood, by holding an olive branch in its beak.

It becomes the symbol of health and Hippocrates described it as “a great medicine”. A source of vitality and well-being for athletes as well as a unique prize for the victors of the Olympic Games, i.e. olive wreaths, also known as “kotinos”. In ancient Athens, it represents the sacred tree of the town.

According to the tradition, the “olive branch” means the end of the war. Today, it constitutes the basic component of the Mediterranean diet, that dominates in the modern world.

Over the centuries, it becomes an infinite promise of health and beauty, as well as a timeless symbol of culture!

OLIVIE_ natural beauty combines the nature’s wisdom and the scientific knowledge.

The nature provides us with the Greek, organic olive oil, which is known for its unique cosmetic and healing effects and the Mediterranean herbal extracts,also known for its pharmaceutical effects since the antiquity. Thanks to the scientific knowledge, we enrich our cosmetics with specific formulas and biotechnological ingredients of specialized, clinically tested action. In addition, they provide beneficial effects for the skin, such as MOISTURIZING, REVITALIZING, ANTI-AGING & PROTECTION.

The beauty is born in nature, is a timeless need and desire for both women and men!