Exceptional combination of beauty elements .

The properties and benefits of snail secretion for health and beauty have been documented since the time of Hippocrates. Very recently however, after years of research and studies, it has been shown that snail secretion is particularly rich in proteins and peptides and that it possesses regenerative and moisturizing actions that rejuvenate and revitalize the epidermis.

More specifically, snail secretion:

  • Contributes to increased hyaluronic acid production and improves collagen network density enabling the skin to maintain its elasticity and regain its youthful look.
  • Stimulates the epidermis to produce more collagen and as a result combats expression lines as well as the first signs of wrinkles that come with age whilst simultaneously it reduces the depth of already established wrinkles.
  • Possesses regenerative properties, since it accelerates cell proliferation, thereby contributing to faster production of new cells, plumping up and regeneration of the skin.
  • Deeply hydrates the skin and maintains its luminosity and firmness.
  • Significantly limits and combats blemishes and brown spots, even long-standing ones, by acting at the deepest of skin layers.

Is a powerful anti-aging agent, because it is an excellent antioxidant. It prevents or even isolates the free radicals that oxidize and cause aging of the skin when the body’s antioxidant defense mechanism is weakened by stress, environmental and nutritional toxins, and of course, by age.

OLIVIE new line of cosmetics with 100% organic olive oil and snail secretion has innovated in one more area: it also ensures the protection of the skin from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc. This prevents premature aging of the skin thanks to the Blue Light protection filter contained in all (except hand cream) the products of the new Olivie line with snail secretion.

The exclusive innovation of the Olivie Snail series lies in the unique combination of snail secretion with glycogen of marine origin that protects against "invisible" electronic pollution. Our skin is daily exposed to electromagnetic radiation and blue light emitted mainly by cell phones and computers, resulting in epidermal cells being subjected to a form of oxidative stress that gradually leads to chronic inflammation. Marine glycogen has the ability of stimulating the production of natural glycogen by epidermal cells, thereby neutralizing the oxidative action of free radicals due to electromagnetic radiation.