Payment Methods

For those who wish to use Olivie’s e-shop  ( for their online purchases, we offer the following alternative payment methods:

Cash on Delivery

The customer pays cash to the courier when the goods are delivered in the given address.

Payment by debit/credit/prepaid card

Payment by charging your card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners). Charging takes place when order is finalized . Olivie has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your online card transaction. All cardholders are subjected to validation checks.

Payment by Masterpass

Masterpass is the new global service for online payments using a digital wallet, which Alpha Bank was the first to launch in the Greek market, providing participating merchants with even higher speed, ease and security in their transactions.

When making an online payment via Masterpass, the consumer logs in to the digital wallet he/ she has created with his/ her bank and chooses the card he/ she wishes to use for the specific payment. There is no requirement for the consumer’s card data to be typed, as these are already stored securely in his/ her digital wallet and are not communicated to the merchant participating in the transaction.

With Masterpass, merchants gain a competitive advantage, as the shopping cart abandonment rate is minimised. 

Masterpass accepts all payment cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club) and its integration into the payment options offered by your e-shop is provided automatically by Alpha e-Commerce, by redirection to the Bank’s payment page (it only requires the Re-direction option to be chosen as the preferred connection method).

Payment by Paypal

Pay using the service Paypal

Payment by bank deposit

Payment by transfer to the Olivie bank account. Please put  the order number to the reference field during your payment. Your order will be executed as soon as the payment appears on the bank account statement.


In case the final invoiced amount is less than the amount charged (card/deposit) the difference will be credited  ithe day the order will be invoiced.